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Rental and sales of Ice Machines to the food industry

Ice Machine Rental

We offer short term or long term rental of various size ice making machines throughout the UK.

Don't touch your Cap Ex budget. Why not run your metal detectors through your maintenance budget. Therefore earning you 100% tax relief.

Rental includes delivery, installation, setup and breakdowns.

24 Hour Helpline - 07771 610757

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Tel: 01945 77 33 33
Mob: 07771 61 07 57
Email: sales@ice-machine-rental.co.uk

Ice Machine Hire Can Be Used For:

  • Concrete cooling engineering
  • Fishery production and aquatic products processing
  • Mine cooling
  • Food processing
  • Artificial ice and snow engineering
  • Medication
  • Dye chemical engineering
  • Medium-large supermarkets
  • Preservation, cooling usage